Pima County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse

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The Pima County Sheriff’s Posse is an all-volunteer mounted unit founded in 1946 under the auspices of the Sheriff of Pima County Arizona. When requested, the Posse represents the Sheriff’s Department in parades and other related community functions in Pima County and throughout the State of Arizona.

The aims and objectives of the Pima County Sheriff’s Posse are:

  • Perpetuate the customs, traditions and pageantry of the State of Arizona.
  • Represent the Sheriff of Pima County where and when appropriate or as requested by proper department authority.
  • Maintain mounted unit(s) prepared to respond upon call to requests for search and rescue.
  • Engage collectively in horsemanship in order to maintain proficiency, engender unit esprit and enhance visibility and recognition by the public.
  • Further the welfare and peace of the City of Tucson and Pima County where deemed appropriate and permissible.
  • Provide and perform charitable and other services as appropriate for the benefit of the community.

A monthly Gymkhana is conducted and this event is geared toward families, giving adults and children of all ages the opportunity to participate in horseback events and games.  The Posse also contributes its time and services to community projects, as well as trail riding events to help raise funds for charities.

For information about Posse events, please visit the Events page of this web site or check out the current issue of the SARNews newsletter for details. For more information about joining the Sheriff’s Posse, please email us at posse6@sarci2.org or visit the official Posse web site.

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