Make a Donation to SARCI

Thank you for supporting our group!

 SARA – Southern Arizona Rescue Association

Thank you for your support of Southern Arizona Rescue Association!

Although SARA members provide their own personal equipment, the purchase and maintenance of group assets such as vehicles, radios, ropes and technical equipment is paid for with individual and corporation donations, as well as public funding.

There are several ways to make a tax deductible donation to SARA:

Mail a donation

Southern Arizona Rescue Association
PO Box 12892
Tucson, AZ 85732-2892

Online using Paypal

Shop at AmazonSmile

Shop at goodshop

 SRDI – Southwest Rescue Dogs, Inc.

Thank you for your support of Southwest Rescue Dogs, Inc!

SRDI relies on donations from the community to fund our search and rescue activities. These funds are used to purchase communication equipment, technical equipment, and training items to support the fundamental needs of our operations. Your support is essential to our ability to successfully serve the community. If you would like to provide a tax-deductible donation to SRDI, please mail a check or money order to:

Southwest Rescue Dogs, Inc
PO Box 64120
Tucson, Arizona 85728

 Pima County Search & Recovery Divers

Thank you for your support of Pima County Search & Recovery Divers!

Pima Country Search & Recovery Divers accepts monetary donations, as well as scuba, nautical or aquatic equipment. You may mail your tax deductible donation to us at:

Pima County Search & Recovery Divers
PO Box 13961
Tucson, AZ 85732-3961

 SAMSAR – Southern Arizona Mounted Search & Rescue

Thank you for your support of Southern Arizona Mounted Search & Rescue!

To make a donation to SAMSAR, please email us at or visit the SAMSAR web site.

  CAP/NCS – Civil Air Patrol, Neotoma Composite Squadron

Thank you for your support of CAP/NCS Squadron 106!

To make a donation to the CAP/NCS Squadron 106, please email us at or visit the CAP/NCS web site.

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