SARCI – Search And Rescue Council, Inc.

SARCI is a non-profit corporation that coordinates six all-volunteer local search and rescue groups serving Tucson, Pima County and Southern Arizona. Through SARCI the skills of these six teams are combined into a unified, professional resource available to local law enforcement and emergency service agencies primarily in Pima County, but also available upon request to participate in SAR missions throughout the United States and the Republic of Mexico.

SARCI - Search and Rescue Council, Inc

SARCI members are highly trained search and rescue volunteers who donate thousands of hours of time to missions including wilderness searches, technical rescues, cave rescues, equestrian rescues, water rescues and recoveries, and search dog operations, as well as continuous ongoing training.

SARCI members are also available to present two nationally recognized programs to interested groups; Hug-A-Tree and Lost…But Found Safe and Sound. Please call (520) 295-4555 to schedule a presentation for your group.

To learn more about each SARCI component group, please visit the pages on our web site or check out the current issue of our SARNews newsletter. We also invite you to watch this informative piece produced in 2015 by the amazing folks at Arizona Public Media.

Southern Arizona Rescue Association

SARA is a non-profit, all-volunteer search and rescue organization serving southern Arizona and Pima County since 1958. Please visit the SARA page on this site to learn more about the group.

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Southwest Rescue Dogs, Inc.

SRDI is a canine search and rescue organization. Please visit the SRDI page on this site to learn more about the group.

Pima County Search & Recovery Divers

This is a search and recovery divers organization, and to learn more about the group, please visit the Divers page on this site.

Southern Arizona Mounted Search & Rescue

SAMSAR is  a mounted search and rescue organization. Please visit the SAMSAR page on this site to learn more about the group or visit SAMSAR’s web site at

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Pima County Sheriff’s Posse

This a mounted posse unit founded in 1946. Please visit the Posse page on this site to learn more about the group or visit the Posse web site at

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Civil Air Patrol, Neotoma Composite Squadron 106

CAP/NCS Squadron 106 is a volunteer aviation and aerospace organization founded in 1979. Please visit the CAP/NCS page on this site to learn more about the group or visit the CAP/NCS website at

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SARA Sabino House in Tucson, Arizona


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